Chapter 18: The Art of Talismans

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“Yu Shitou, what kind of name is that?”

Zhou Yi recalled all the criminals in the prison and confirmed that there was no such person.

There was no lack of strong people who came from the bottom rung of society and climbed their way up. However, after gaining power, they would change to more domineering titles. The gang leader, Doggy Li, and the Sword God, Zhang Tiezhu, would be laughed to death if word got out. As a result, many experts had similar names and often used words like Xiao, Ba, Hao, and Lie. It was very likely that they were named by the same person.

“I’m quite knowledgeable and have never heard of this person. How dare you lie?”

The sword energy circled around Yu Jie’s head and spun gently. Strands of hair fell to the ground. If it did not miss by half an inch, it would split open his skull.

“Senior, please calm down. I’m not lying…” Yu Jie was terrified. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yu Shitou is my ancestor’s real name. He has another nickname outside. His name is Heavenly King Huang!”

“Heavenly King Huang…” Zhou Yi’s voice was ethereal, as if he was recalling the past. “I’ve met him once. I heard him mention that the Rebellion of Cang and Huang was controlled by the Jiangnan family. In the end, the two Heavenly Kings were abandoned!”

“Senior, you’re right. Back then, the Heavenly King Cang had the help of the ancestral seal. Even Li Wu couldn’t win.” Yu Jie said angrily, “The Jiangnan aristocratic families originally supported our ancestors, but they secretly betrayed them, defected to the imperial court and deceived my ancestor and the Heavenly King Cang to drink the strange poison. Otherwise, how could Connate masters be captured alive!”

“I see.”

Zhou Yi suddenly understood. Only after using the demonic technique to break through to the Connate realm did he know that the Heavenly King Cang was powerful back then.

Li Wu had captured him alive. He had thought that it was because of his talent, but the truth was that he had been poisoned. The famous general was said to be open and aboveboard. No one expected him to use such underhanded methods.

This made Zhou Yi’s smug thoughts feel like a bucket of cold water had been poured on him. Connate grandmasters were invincible among mortals, but they were not immortal. The enemy would set traps, poison them, and use evil methods. If he was careless, he would follow in Heavenly King Cang’s footsteps!

“How do you prove you’re a descendant of Heavenly King Huang?”

“This talisman is called the Shadow Talisman. It’s a secret talisman technique passed down by my ancestor. The Shadow Secret Guard that once shocked Jiangnan originated from this.”

Yu Jie took out a talisman that was painted with cinnabar. “Back then, when the Imperial Court’s army attacked the Heavenly King’s Mansion, I relied on this talisman to hide and luckily escaped.”

Zhou Yi asked, “What’s the use of this talisman?”

Yu Jie said, “The shadow talisman can summon fog to protect you. You can blend into the night and become invisible.”

Zhou Yi ordered, “Show it to me and let me broaden my horizons!”

Back then, when he sensed that the prison was dangerous, Zhou Yi hurriedly left to take refuge. After that, he never saw Heavenly King Huang again. He had originally thought that Heavenly King Huang using talisman water to treat illnesses was a strategy to gather faith and facilitate rebellion. Now, it seemed that he really had some mysterious methods.

The Art of Talismans had already transcended the mortal Martial Dao. It was more like a cultivator’s technique, making Zhou Yi filled with anticipation.

Yu Jie did not dare to refuse. He injected his inner Qi into the talisman and the shadow talisman burned into ashes. A black fog rose out of thin air in the cell and wrapped around Yu Jie’s body. From afar, the darkness and the night seemed to have become one.

Zhou Yi asked, “Are there any other talismans?”

“I’ve already used up all my offensive talismans to avoid the Uniform Guards’ pursuit a few years ago. I only have a few Shadow Talismans and Divine Movement Talismans left.”

Yu Jie took out another talisman. The texture was different from the shadow talisman.

Zhou Yi hid in the dark and stared at Yu Jie for a moment. He was not sure if this kid had offensive talismans left. It would be bad if a few large fireballs came his way after he revealed himself.

A Connate Grandmaster might not be able to block the talisman.

“Didn’t Heavenly King Huang teach you the Art of Talisman?”

Yu Jie pondered for a moment and said, “He did pass some down, but I’m not talented enough to understand it.”

Zhou Yi did not hide his intentions and said fiercely, “I’m very interested in the Art of Talismans, so I’ll exchange your life for it. How about that?”

Yu Jie firmly believed that Zhou Yi was a curmudgeon in the martial world. Such a person was eccentric and ruthless, so he did not dare to refuse. With a ripping sound, he tore open his sleeve and took out the blue book hidden inside. “I’ve recorded all the talisman techniques that my ancestor taught me. Senior, you can take them and comprehend them.”

Zhou Yi asked again, “Since you have an inheritance, why did you come to this prison?”

“Senior, you might not know this, but our ancestor only imparted the entry-level talisman technique. After that, there was an upheaval and he was unable to leave behind a complete inheritance.”

Yu Jie explained, “Even if it’s an entry-level talisman technique, I still haven’t mastered it after studying it for several years. I can only place my hopes on finding the subsequent content. Perhaps I can learn the Art of Talismans.”


A series of strange laughter entered Yu Jie’s ears, and Zhou Yi’s voice revealed a cold killing intent.

“Kid, by saying so much, are you planning to use my hands to find the talisman inheritance?”

Yu Jie admitted obediently, “I’ve already searched all the places where my ancestor might have left his inheritance. Now, only the Sky Prison and the Imperial Prison are left.”

“The Imperial Prison…”

Zhou Yi had already searched the Sky Prison, so it was very likely that Heavenly King Huang’s talisman technique was left in the Uniform Guard’s Imperial Prison.

The Imperial Prison was filled with danger, even more so than the Sky Prison!

“Is it true that Heavenly King Huang received a technique from a variant human and cultivated the Art of Talismans?”

“I dare not hide it from you!”

Yu Jie felt the killing intent gradually dissipate and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What everyone knows was just a cover that my ancestor told others. Back then, there was a continuous drought and that damn emperor kept raising taxes. My ancestor entered the Daoist temple to eat.

“But he didn’t know that there was no rice in the Daoist temple. My ancestor didn’t want to starve to death. So he became a wandering Daoist who secretly robbed tombs for a living. The Art of Talismans was dug out from a tomb in Mount Tai. After my ancestor cultivated it, he used talisman water to practice medicine and took in many disciples…”

Needless to say, Heavenly King Huang’s disciples were all over Jiangnan, and there was no lack of aristocratic descendants among them. After the two of them joined forces, they rose up and called themselves Heavenly Kings!

Zhou Yi stared at Yu Jie and sized him up for a moment. In the end, he did not kill him and ordered. “Put the book down. You can leave now, boy.”

“Thank you, Senior!” Yu Jie’s face lit up. He bowed to his surroundings and carefully placed the book on the ground before hurriedly leaving the prison.

Zhou Yi did not take the book. Instead, he secretly followed Yu Jie to a private courtyard in Desheng Workshop.

Yu Jie heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly packed up the gold and silver and headed straight for the west gate of the Divine Capital. The soldier on duty seemed to be familiar with Yu Jie. He accepted a few banknotes and sent him out with a basket.

“This boy has a future!”

Zhou Yi stood on the city wall and watched as Yu Jie disappeared. He went back to the Sky Prison.

Prison A2.

The blue book sat quietly on the floor, untouched.

Zhou Yi took the wooden stick and flipped through the pages. He did not activate any offensive talisman. He found a rat and let it eat a few pages to confirm that there was no strange poison in it.

Wrapping his hands with Connate True Essence, he picked up the book and read it page by page.

“The method of making talisman paper and talisman pen. Mixed beast blood in the cinnabar… You must calm down when drawing talismans… The inner Qi must be gathered at the tip of the pen… It must be done in one go. It cannot be interrupted…”

The content recorded in the book was not a proper technique. It was more like Yu Jie’s class notes. There were many insights mixed in.

Zhou Yi flipped to the last few pages. There were four complete talisman strokes.

“Dust Cleaner Talisman, House Suppression Talisman, Shadow Talisman, Light Body Talisman!”

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