Chapter 23 Honest Girl

The Imperial Mausoleum was located at the southern foot of Mount Longevity. The area within a radius of 50 miles was the Ling District, surrounded by mountains and surrounded by water in the north. The Imperial Mausoleum was arranged in order from west to east. There were a total of seventeen tombs.

Zhou Yi easily passed through the imperial guards and arrived at the latest tombstone of Emperor Chongming. “The emperor is really the most unreasonable creature in the world. The dog emperor spent more than ten years repairing the imperial mausoleum while not attending court for more than thirty years in order to achieve longevity.”

“Senior, you might not know this, but when the Imperial Mausoleum was being built back then, Father was the construction supervisor of the Ministry of Works.” Huang Yuniang floated out of the jade hairpin. “According to Father, after the dog emperor’s tomb was repaired, tens of thousands of craftsmen were killed to keep the secret.”

Zhou Yi nodded slightly. “I’ve heard a little about this. It was a huge commotion back then, and the Long Rebellion directly sent troops to suppress it.”

The Imperial Court’s army could not defeat the rebels from all over, but they were good at suppressing the commoners. Soon, there was no sound.

“The dog emperor has been a fatuous ruler all his life,” said Huang Yuniang. “But he did a good thing on his deathbed. He secretly nurtured General Li. But I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.”

Zhou Yi looked at the great achievements written on the tombstone and said, “From now on, you will live in the tomb of the dog emperor. It can be considered making the best use of everything.”

In the past, when he studied history, the books only wrote that a certain emperor was muddle-headed. Zhou Yi had never felt it personally, so it was very difficult for him to really be hostile to him.

After experiencing Chongming for a while, Zhou Yixing had seen and heard it before. Human cannibalism. Two casual words, but countless sad or absurd fates.


Others, such as “plunder”, “slaughter”, “great hunger”, “executing three generations”, and “more than half were dead”, were simply drawn. They were not as gorgeous as the words on the tombstone, nor did they have a trace of emotion. That was why they looked even more cold and cruel.

“Remember to burn the corpse of the dog emperor for me when you have the ability in the future!”

Zhou Yi found a hidden place and pierced through the tomb with his True Essence sword light. He sensed the huge tomb inside and sent the jade hairpin into it. The sword energy shattered the soil at the entrance of the cave. After a few days, there were no more traces.

Sky Prison.

The remnant souls were cleaned up, and most of the cold air dissipated. The prison guards discussed it for a few days, but it was ultimately a good thing, so they left it at that.

Ever since Zhou Yi took action to eliminate the thieves, although he was still a prison guard in name, in terms of treatment, he was equivalent to Lieutenant Zhu and was assigned a room.

He asked the craftsmen to renovate the place meticulously, arrange the mahogany tables and chairs, buy a superior tea set, and make a pot of Longjing tea. It was more comfortable to live at work than at home.

“What does the matters in the imperial court and the martial world have to do with me? I might as well cultivate!”

Zhou Yi had cultivated the Origin Returning Mantra for less than half a year. The Connate True Essence in his body had been completely transformed into Dharmic powers, and the efficiency of absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth had increased several times.

Although it was only the last few decimal places, there was still a huge improvement!

Cultivation of Dharmic powers and Martial Dao True Essence had obvious advantages. They were more compatible with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. They were clear and could change according to one’s heart.

For example, his true essence could originally condense into swords, sabers, fists, and other forms, but the details seemed to be rough. With a thought, his dharmic powers could transform into a lifelike palm.

Another day rolled around.

Zhou Yi was meditating when he suddenly sensed someone enter the room and silently land on the beam.

“Get down!”

A sword light swept past. The guest on the beam could not dodge in time and fell. He gracefully flipped in the air and landed safely.

“How can you bear to come to me?”

Zhou Yi sized up Mr. Bai. He had to admit that this fellow’s looks had improved after more than ten years. There was a hint of maturity in his elegance. He was originally a young lady killer, but now, he could probably charm thousands of young women.

“A dignified Connate Grandmaster hiding in the prison to deliver food can be said to be unprecedented!” Mr. Bai’s eyes flashed with envy, but when he thought of the tragic state of the Cang family, he felt a little glad. “Old Zhou, I plan to get married, so I specially invited you to be my minister.”

The minister was the best man. He followed the groom and blocked the wine lest he get too drunk to consummate the marriage.

Zhou Yi said in surprise, ‘You actually got married. Which girl is so charming?”

“It’s Princess Rongchang.”

Mr. Bai took out a red invitation card from his pocket. It was gilded with golden threads and had luxurious decorations.

Zhou Yi was slightly stunned. Then, he said disdainfully, “You’re too shameless. You’ve had enough fun outside. Do you think you can harm honest girls just because you want to?”

Princess Rongchang was the legitimate daughter of Prince Dongyang of Fengyang Kingdom.

Mr. Bai had bragged many times in prison that back then, he had accidentally fallen into the Prince Dongyang’s Palace and was on the verge of death. He had relied on his looks to capture Princess Rongchang’s heart and turned around to escape.

Mr. Bai put down the invitation, picked up the teapot, and took a few gulps.

“Are you still my brother? Do you really think I’m willing to marry her? In the end, they have something on me.”

“What do you mean, do you need my help?”

Zhou Yi raised his eyebrows. Not to mention that Mr. Bai had taught him, the two of them were good friends.

Over the years, whenever Mr. Bai occasionally came to the Divine Capital, he would find Zhou Yi to drink and chat. He would bring along some delicious and fun specialties from various places.

After drinking, they split up. Zhou Yi still guarded the prison while Mr. Bai continued to roam the martial world.

Zhou Yi envied Mr. Bai for being free and unfettered. Mr. Bai admired Zhou Yi for being indifferent to fame and fortune.

“Back then, in order to escape, I exchanged a love token with Princess Rongchang. I originally treated it as a joke, but who would have thought that this girl was so stubborn that she still remembered it after so many years?” Mr. Bai sighed. “Prince Dongyang is helpless. Seeing that the princess is getting old, he invited several top masters to look for me all over the martial world. Either marry his daughter, or…”

Zhou Yi could not help but point at the door. “Get out! Now!”

“Haha, remember to be on time!”

Mr. Bai could no longer hold back his sorrow and turned it into a smug smile. He had finally won another round.

The fifteenth of the month is suitable for marriage. Zhou Yi had applied for leave early and was familiar with the complicated process of marriage.

When Lieutenant Zhu heard that he was attending Princess Rongchang’s wedding, he was shocked at the breadth of Zhou Yi’s connections. He shamelessly asked for an invitation and said that he was going to broaden his horizons.

Lieutenant Zhu was someone who wanted to advance. He would not let go of such an opportunity.

On that day, Yongchang Workshop was filled with red silk. From Mr. Bai’s new residence to the Prince’s residence, peonies were placed on both sides of the road, and the ground was covered with various petals. The fees alone cost tens of thousands of taels of silver.

Not to mention Mr. Bai’s new residence. Yongchang Workshop was adjacent to the palace, and every inch of land was worth gold. Its value could no longer be estimated with gold and silver.

“So you can do whatever you want just because you’re handsome?” Zhou Yi looked in the mirror and touched his face. “I’m not bad either!”

Another advantage of dharmic powers was that it nourished the body at all times, allowing the body to transform more perfectly. Therefore, there were no ugly men or women in the cultivation world.

After a series of procedures, he finally married the princess.

In the Bai Manor’s banquet hall.

Mr. Bai followed the elders of the Prince’s residence. They toasted and chatted at the tables, getting to know the various Princes and Marquises.

Zhou Yi accompanied him and secretly said via voice transmission, “Prince Dongyang treats you too well. How can he introduce you to his relatives?”

“Perhaps this is what it means to be the beloved son of a parent.”

Mr. Bai was still jumpy yesterday, but now that he is really married, his tone suddenly changed.

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