I Am Immortal In The Cultivation World

Chapter 26 - Calamity of Extinction

Chapter 26 Calamity of Extinction

Zhou Yi was unwilling to get involved in the power struggle in Fengyang Kingdom, but he wanted to do something for Li Wu. In the past, when he watched martial arts dramas, there were always some martial artists who volunteered to protect a certain official.

“That’s just the beginning of the plot. Just pretend it doesn’t exist…”

Zhou Yi originally thought so, but after chatting with Li Wu for a few days, he actually had the thought of becoming that kind of martial artist. This move was inconsistent with the established detachment!

“Mr. Zhou, with your indifferent personality, you actually made such a promise. Doesn’t this mean that my choice is good?” Li Wu clapped and smiled. At some point, a few black lines had appeared on his face, spreading from his neck to the top of his head.

A Connate Grandmaster’s skin, tendons, and bones were refined externally, and his internal organs and bones were refined. The Primordial Chaos in his body was one, and he was almost immune to poison. However, this poison went straight to the human brain. After it erupted, he would turn into a living dead.

“I don’t think it’s very good!” Zhou Yi lowered his gaze and suddenly thought of some faces. He felt inexplicably frustrated.

“I’ve never let down the Imperial Court in my life. I only treat my clansmen harshly. Those enemies usually don’t dare to show themselves. After I die, they’ll definitely find my clansmen to vent their anger!” Li Wu pondered for a moment and said, “There are a few experts in the army. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any problems…”

Zhou Yi promised, “If no connate appears, the Li family will be fine.”

Zhou Yi could kill anyone below the Connate realm with a wave of his hand!

“I thank you!” Li Wu tried to stand up and bow. Suddenly, his vision blurred and he fell back to his seat. An invincible Connate Grandmaster had fallen from a high and mighty Duke to an unstable state in the blink of an eye because of inexplicable persistence.

“How much secret virtue does the Zhao royal family have to be able to tolerate such humiliation?” Zhou Yi sighed and said, “Even if there are rare old monsters, I guarantee that the Li family will not die out.”

Li Wu said apologetically, “In that case, Mr. Zhou won’t be able to live in seclusion in the Sky Prison.”

Zhou Yi shrugged. “I’ve been in Sky Prison for decades. It’s not a bad idea to change places.”

Li Wu asked, “Where to?”

Zhou Yi pointed to the east. “The Imperial Prison!”

Li Wu was speechless.

“General Li, you don’t know humor. I’ll go out for the time being and change my identity before returning to the Sky Prison…”

Zhou Yi stopped. He reached out and tested the tip of Li Wu’s nose. He was no longer breathing

Year 17 of Hongchang.

The Duke, Li Wu, was imprisoned. The title “Zhongwu” meant “loyal to the king and love the country.”

Emperor Hongchang was seventy-six years old. Despite the obstruction of hundreds of officials, he insisted on holding the Duke’s funeral as the emperor.

The historian described it in detail, thinking that it was a model of the ruler and minister, passed down to future generations.

New Year’s Eve was coming. The clouds were dense, the north wind was biting, and the snow kept falling all day.


The patrol was afraid of the cold and hid in the barracks drinking. The Divine Capital was silent except for the sound of snow falling.

The Duke’s Mansion.

The night watchman was dozing. Shadows flashed before his hazy eyes. He was about to raise his hand in greeting. The blade slashed across his neck, and hot blood sprayed all over the ground. Silence. Slaughter!

One by one, the men in black moved like cold machines, killing people as if they were cutting grass. They moved in from the periphery of the Duke’s Mansion, leaving no one alive.


There was a sudden scream, followed by a continuous clash of swords.

The experts in the residence were woken up from their sleep. Some faced the enemy in the front courtyard, while others ran to the back. The division of labor was clear like a military formation.

The backhouse.

Li Ye, who had succeeded the position of the Duke, had more than a hundred martial arts experts protecting him.

Commander Li said, “The enemy came prepared. Why don’t you change your clothes and leave through the secret passage?” “We can’t leave.”

There was no fear on Li Ye’s face. Back then, he had also followed his father to war. He pointed to the eastern residence and said, “The thieves have surrounded the Duke’s Mansion, but there’s no movement from the Prince Anhua’s Mansion. Where do you think I can escape to?”

Commander Li said in a low voice, “My lord, we have to save our lives for the future!”

“To do what in the future? A rebellion?” There was a hint of resentment in Li Ye’s words. “Father is worthy of enjoying the Imperial Ancestral Temple and leaving his name in history. As his son, how can I rebel? Or should I say, with Father’s intelligence, couldn’t he predict today’s extermination?”

“Grand Duke…” Commander Li Wu was loyal to Li Wu, but he did not know how to explain himself in the face of Li Ye’s question.

The women of the Li family hid in their rooms, their eyes filled with fear. Many of them killed themselves with daggers in their hands.

Li Wu left in a carefree manner while the rest lived in fear!

At this moment

There were no longer any sounds of fighting in the outer residence. There were too many enemies, and the soldiers could not stop them even if they formed a military formation. The men in black surrounded the back house, stepping on the pure white snow, leaving a series of bright red footprints.


A signature strange laughter resounded throughout the entire Duke’s Mansion. “Li Wu killed my disciples. Today, I will bathe them in blood—”

The voice stopped abruptly.

The leader of the men in black frowned and gestured for his subordinates to investigate. There were a few tough people in the Duke’s Mansion. They paid a huge price to invite this old monster out of the mountain.

A moment later. Two of his men dragged a corpse over. It was an old man with white hair. There were seven large blobs on his face. On the blobs were carved words: Impermanence, Urgency, Murderous Spirit, Debts…

The leader checked the old man’s injuries. There was only one wound, and it pierced straight through his heart.

His subordinate knew that the old man was powerful and was a rare peerless expert in the martial world. He could guess that the person who attacked was terrifying. However, he was not afraid and quietly waited for his leader’s next order.


On command, the men in black rushed to the backyard.

“Another sacrificial warrior. How many enemies does Li Wu have?”

The old voice sounded in the leader’s ear. Before he could speak, a sword aura pierced his chest.

The remaining men in black were leaderless and their lethality decreased.

A few rounds of arrows shot out from the backhouse, and with the help of the traps set up, they blocked the attacks of the men in black. Commander Li led the charge with his men, and after half an hour, he finally killed all the enemies.

“Yama Wu!”

Commander Li recognized the old man. “The Great Cave Ghost that the Old Duke killed was this person’s disciple. Legend has it that he has long died of old age, I didn’t expect him to be alive until today.”

Li Ye had no interest in Yama Wu and bowed to the surroundings.

“Thank you, Senior, for saving my life!”

“I’ve repaid the favor I owed Li Wu back then. If anyone comes again, you’ll have to pray for good luck.” After hiding in the dark, Zhou Yi used the Light Body Technique and disappeared in a few flashes.

Li Ye’s expression changed drastically when he heard this. He whispered this to Commander Li.

The Duke’s Mansion had already been attacked more than ten times at night. In the beginning, there were many experts in the residence, and they easily defeated the invading enemies. However, an endless stream of enemies continued to consume the strength of the residence, and now, there were less than 20% of them.

The enemies of the last three attacks were getting stronger. It was all thanks to the protection of a senior expert that they could last until today.

Commander Li suggested, “My lord, why don’t we leave the Divine Capital and hide our identities?”

“In the Divine Capital, it’s only assassins attacking. If we go out, we’ll be surrounded by the bandit army!”

Li Ye looked up at the palace. Ever since Emperor Hongchang sent Li Wu away, his body had been deteriorating day by day. Now, the person in charge of the state affairs was the crown prince.

“How many years did the late emperor live in the Shangyang Palace after his illness?”

Commander Li thought for a moment and said, “About seven or eight years!”

Li Ye was silent for a long time.

“If I take a step back, my entire family will be destroyed… Bring my name card to the Eastern Palace and invite the country’s governor to have a chat.”

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