I Am Immortal In The Cultivation World

Chapter 37 - Surging Undercurrent

Chapter 37 Surging Undercurrent

Dusk fell.

On the southeast side of Chen’s family valley stood a huge grave. When the ghosts in the village saw that their corpses had been buried, their resentment dissipated and turned into smoke, leaving only Old Man Chen’s vengeful spirit.

Zhou Yi found a green stone and used his dharmic powers to cut it into a long stone tablet. He wrote on it with his finger.

“Chen family’s valley, the tomb of 327 people. May 27, 18th year of Hongchang!”

His fingers were like steel.

Old Man Chen thanked him. “The Chen clan has no way to repay such a great favor. We will pray for you in the Netherworld. If there is a next life, we will definitely do anything to repay you!”

“What are you going to do?”

Zhou Yi carried the swaddling and used his dharmic powers to protect Lassie Chen.

Not long after the many ghosts dissipated, they left behind dense yin energy. If children or old people pass by this place, they might suffer from the yin energy entering their bodies.

“I’m sorry to trouble you.” Old Man Chen said, “Benefactor, please help me disperse my


Zhou Yi asked in confusion, “Why?”

Old Man Chen said, “Originally, I am just a remnant soul that would dissipate in a few days. Who knew that it would become more corporeal in this cold place?”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

If Zhou Yi did not have the Dao Fruit of Longevity, he would definitely think of various ways to extend his lifespan one day. The orthodox method, special techniques, and evil scriptures would not be rejected.

For example, soul possession could extend one’s lifespan, or one’s soul could turn into a ghost cultivator after death, or one could simply bury oneself in a place with extreme yin and become a zombie with a long lifespan.

Due to the explosion of information in his previous life, he believed that as long as people maintained their own thoughts, it did not matter if they turned into ghosts.

“I was corroded by this yin energy and many desires arose in my heart, such as absorbing yang energy, devouring blood, and so on.” Old Man Chen explained, “This is only the beginning. I’m already tempted. In a few days, I’ll definitely turn into a ferocious ghost and cause trouble. I might as well take advantage of my rationality and kill my evil thoughts!”

“Brother Chen, you’re really amazing!” Zhou Yi praised, “It’s a hundred times better than that dog emperor who knows that he will die but still harms the world to extend his lifespan.”

“Haha, you flatter me. I’m just a poor scholar who can’t even pass the imperial examination.” Old Man Chen smiled and said, “If you become the emperor and enjoy all the glory and wealth, you might become afraid of death.”

“Take care, Brother Chen!” Zhou Yi cupped his hands. Although Old Man Chen was not the emperor, the emperor did not have the chance to turn into a vengeful spirit. Judging the distance to longevity, the former was closer.

All things lie between give and take. There were many greedy people in the world, and there were very few who could give. Zhou Yi was the same.

Old Man Chen said freely, “May you live forever. I’ll repay you in my next life!”

Zhou Yi did not know what to say for a moment. With a wave of his hand, his Dharmic powers turned into sword light and shattered the vengeful spirit. He lowered his head to look at the swaddling, Lassie Chen was staring blankly at it, as if memorizing it.

“Old Brother Chen repeatedly reminded you not to have any thoughts of revenge. However, your parents and family have a deep blood feud. How can you hide such karma or let it go!”

Zhou Yi looked at the little girl’s red lips and could not help but tease her.


Lassie Chen laughed crisply, adding a hint of warmth to the new grave, the mist, and the cold wind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The hooves thundered.

A dozen black-clad riders roared across the main road.

The cavalry carried the small Minghuang flag on their backs. Regardless of whether they were officials or merchants, they hurriedly retreated to the side. It would be disrespectful to delay the decree.

Zhou Yi hugged his swaddling with one hand and pulled the reins with the other. The bay horse under him obediently dodged.

“Emperor Hongchang actually died!”

Zhou Yi was in a hurry to bring Lassie Chen back to the Divine Capital to find the wet nurse. After leaving the Chen’s family valley, he ran along the official road day and night and had already encountered four batches of messenger cavalry. With the notice from the imperial court, the cavalry rushed to all the state capitals and counties of the Fengyang Kingdom to post the news of the new emperor. “I’ll leave it for future generations to judge!”

Due to the precedent of Emperor Chongming, Zhou Yi did not have much ill will towards Emperor Hongchang. Killing the meritorious personnel was not a stain on the emperor’s reputation at all.

Throughout history, the game between imperial power and vassal power had happened in every dynasty. Emperor Hongchang rebuilt the country and reduced the taxes. He must have left his marks in the history books.

“It’s a pity that he chose to ensure the stability of the imperial power even though he would rather see the decline of the country. I think Emperor Hongchang saw the defeat of the northern border before he died. Indeed, one can’t learn from history. Because of the general trend, all his choices are selfish!”

Early June.

Zhou Yi looked at the Divine Capital Wall from afar. It was still towering and stable.

At the west gate.

It was bustling and there was a two or three-mile line outside.

Hundreds of armed imperial guards were on duty. They carefully checked the carriages and pedestrians entering and exiting the city. More than three feet of boxes had to be carefully flipped over.

“No travel passes? Arrest him and lock him up for now!” “Did you report this knife at the yamen? No? Arrest him!”

“Bow and arrow? The Imperial Court has decreed that hunting is temporarily prohibited and confiscated…”

The imperial guards investigated carefully and did not show any mercy. A person who claimed to be the son of the Imperial Court’s bailiff was beaten up on the spot and dragged to the back to be flogged.


Dozens of people were lined up neatly at the base of the city wall. They wore shackles that weighed a hundred kilograms around their necks. In a few days, they were crippled.

The commander roared, “Offending the imperial guards is equivalent to treason! Bring my namecard to the capital and summon Magistrate Li for questioning!”

This method frightened many business officials. After all, the truly profitable business was clearly written in the law. Instead, most of the commoners looked respectful and felt that this general was a good official.

There was no other reason other than fairness!

A fat merchant stepped forward and stuffed a few banknotes into his hand. “General, our Wantong Bank has been in the Divine Capital for two hundred years. Can you do us a favor?”

“Wantong Bank, of course I knew it.”

The commander put the banknotes into his sleeve and ordered his soldiers, “Check his goods first and see if there is any contraband. Otherwise, why would he bribe me?”

The merchant gave a startled cry. Before he could stop it, the Imperial Guard had found several pieces of armor from the cart.

“Producing armor in private! Wantong Bank is rebelling!”

When the other merchants saw this, they either left with their carriages or sent people to the capital to find a backer.

Zhou Yi waited in line for a long time before showing the Sky Prison’s plaque to the imperial guards.

The commander of the imperial guards actually recognized Zhou Yi and joked, “I’ve long heard of Mr. Zhou’s name, Old Demon of Blood Prison. I’ve finally seen you in person today.” “It’s just a charade. Nothing like you, General.”

Zhou Yi was not surprised. There were no more than fifty first-rate experts in the Divine Capital.

Out of three to four million people, only 50 were selected. It could be said that they were one in a million. Moreover, Zhou Yi was on duty in the Sky Prison, so he could not escape the attention of others.

The commander asked, “I heard that you live alone. Who is this child?”

Zhou Yi explained, “She’s the daughter of a distant relative. She doesn’t even have a name yet, I’m only calling her lassie. Her family can’t afford to raise her, so they gave her to me. At the very least, she won’t starve.”

“I see. Please come in, Mr. Zhou.”

The commander did not ask further and ordered the imperial guards to give way. After Zhou Yi left, he sent someone to inform the higher-ups.

A few days after His Majesty ascended the throne, there was suddenly a lot of gossip in the Divine Capital.

Something about the Second Prince got the throne in an unorthodox way, and the Sixth Prince was the one ascending the throne…

Something about two of the four ministers died on the spot…

Something about the Second Prince being ruthless and killing Imperial Consort Sun and the Sixth Prince in front of the remains of the late emperor…

Such rumors were so real that the undercurrents in the Divine Capital surged, and many people had other thoughts.

The imperial guards’ thorough investigation of the city gates and the carriages and pedestrians was only the beginning of a storm!

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