I Am Immortal In The Cultivation World

Chapter 38 - Don't Ask for Glory

Chapter 38 Don’t Ask for Glory

The courtyard. The date trees and the grapevines bloomed and covered half the yard.

Zhou Yi pushed the door open and frowned.

The aura in the courtyard was chaotic. More than one person had been here, and the smell had not dissipated for a long time. He checked some secret marks and arrangements. The person was quite disciplined and did not mess around.

This was really bad news!

“Every time the imperial power alternates, the Divine Capital is in troubled times.”

Zhou Yi used the Dust Cleaner Talisman and it was instantly clean and tidy. Then, he went to the brokerage and hired two wet nurses to stay in the west wing of the small courtyard and take care of Lassie Chen.

“Where can I find a good family…”

Zhou Yi thought about it carefully and realized that most of his colleagues were not good people. He followed this train of thought and reflected on himself before coming to a realization.

“So in the eyes of ordinary people, I’m a greedy prison guard, a cruel official, and a cold-blooded demon!”

The villain is myself!

Nightfall came.

Zhou Yi sipped tea and chanted sutras in the courtyard until the moon was high in the sky. A figure flew across the sky, his white clothes fluttering in the wind, and landed in the courtyard.

Zhou Yi clicked his tongue and said, “I waited for half the night. I didn’t expect you to come.”

“How did you know someone was coming?”

It was Old Bai. He held a wine jar in his hand and sat opposite him.

“I’m guessing.” Zhou Yi said truthfully. He did not know how to divine. He only felt that the commander of the imperial guards was too enthusiastic during the day, and there were many people investigating the residence.

“Three hundred years old of Pear Blossom White. Thanks to my old father-in-law, he sold me a jar.” Old Bai opened the wine jar, and a fragrance filled the courtyard. “Old Zhou, guess again. Why did I come to look for


Zhou Yi poured a bowl. It was as clear as spring water and as sticky as amber. He drank it in one gulp. “I can’t guess! But if there’s something good to do, I’ll go. If there’s something bad, i’ll drink good wine for nothing.’

“I’ve never seen anyone so brazen!” Ever since Old Bai learned this sentence, it had almost become a mantra. “My old father-in-law, Prince Dongyang, invites you to be a consecrator in his residence. It’s commonly known as guarding the house.” Zhou Yi frowned slightly. “This is the Divine Capital, not the northern border. Does the dignified Prince need to recruit guards?”

“In the months you’ve been out traveling, there have been drastic changes in the capital…”

Old Bai recounted the news of Emperor Hongchang’s death, Prince Qin, Zhao Yuan, barging into the palace in the middle of the night, the death of the Sixth Prince, and so


Zhou Yi asked, “Did His Majesty really kill his mother and brother in front of the remains of the late emperor?”

Old Bai nodded. “It’s groundless, but it’s probably true.”

Zhou Yi said, “So the Divine Capital is unstable, and Prince Dongyang is recruiting guards because he’s afraid that trouble will befall his family?”

“That father-in-law of mine has more in mind than stability!” Old Bai took a sip of wine and waved his hand. “I’m here to handle an errand. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. If you want to be rich and powerful, you can go to the Prince Manor. Glory! Wealth!”

When Zhou Yi heard these two words, what appeared in front of him was not gold, silver, or jewelry, but bloody corpses.

Old Bai reminded him, “Old Zhou, my wife and I are going to Jiangnan in a few days. Why don’t you go on a trip with us?”

“I have something to do in the Divine Capital, so I won’t be going to Jiangnan for the time being.” Zhou Yi pondered for a moment and said, “But there’s someone I need to entrust to you…”

Then, he explained Lassie Chen’s identity. He did not mention the group of ghosts in the Chen’s Family Valley. He only said that he had encountered a defeated army that slaughtered the commoners and saved this only orphan.

According to Old Bai, the various prefectures in the Divine Capital were either roping in experts to protect themselves or plotting something. Lassie Chen had become Zhou Yi’s weakness.

If she was really kidnapped, Zhou Yi would not give in. Instead, he would choose to avenge Chen Ya’er!

Old Bai was indignant and promised, “Don’t worry, Old Zhou. My kid is also going to Jiangnan. He can accompany Lassie Chen.”

“Eh? How could I forget you!” Zhou Yi’s eyes lit up. “Why don’t you raise Lassie Chen and be her godfather or something? You can have both a son and a daughter.”

Old Bai was originally a carefree person. With his qinggong, he had caused a lot of trouble in the martial world and was not a good person to entrust his life to. However, marriage and family could really change men. Ever since he married Princess Rongchang, Old Bai had become a good husband who took care of the family.

Old Bai was stunned when he heard that. He did not manage to rope in Zhou Yi, but he brought back a goddaughter?

Zhou Yi thought that Old Bai was afraid of his wife and promised, “Tell Princess Rongchang directly that Lassie Chen is the granddaughter of a Connate Grandmaster. She only needs to be raised for twenty years. During this period, your family’s safety will be guaranteed!”

“And after twenty years?”

Old Bai was quite tempted. He had previously thought of asking Zhou Yi to protect the residence and had been embarrassed to speak. Even though he knew that Zhou Yi would definitely agree, Old Bai did not want to make things difficult for his friend.

Zhou Yi said slowly, “Twenty years later, Lassie Chen will naturally not need anyone’s protection.”

“Don’t worry, Old Zhou. I’ll definitely take care of her as my own daughter.” Old Bai suddenly changed his tone and said shamelessly, “If… I say if Lassie Chen and my son are in love, can we?”

Zhou Yi said angrily. “Shameless!”

The next day.

Sky Prison.

After Zhou Yi nodded, he chatted with his colleagues on the way and distributed the local specialties he had bought in the Divine Capital. After making an appointment to go to Spring Breeze Tower at night, the slightly unfamiliar feeling immediately dissipated.

In ancient times, there were hook bars to listen to music. In the modern era, there was a foot-washing massage. It was a supreme weapon to get closer to colleagues.

Zhou Yi returned to his room. The tea had yet to boil.

The new Lieutenant Lu knocked on the door and entered with a bag of tea leaves. “Biluochun from Mount Taichuan. Do you want to try it, Old Zhou?”

“No pain, no gain. What can I do for you, Lord Lu?”

Zhou Yi could drink Old Bai’s wine for free, but he could not easily take Lieutenant Lu’s tea. The former was a good friend and a bad friend, while the latter was a colleague.

“Old Zhou, are you willing to spend the rest of your life in prison?” Lieutenant Lu said, “With your skills, you’re enough to be a consecrator in the prince’s mansion. If you follow the right person, it’s not impossible for you to bring glory to your ancestors.”

“What’s wrong with prison?” Zhou Yi smiled and said, “My great-grandfather was a prison guard of the Sky Prison, and so was my grandfather. Later on, he passed it down to my father. I can’t betray my ancestors!”


The imperial court had always preached filial piety. Since Zhou Yi even mentioned his ancestors, Lieutenant Lu immediately had nothing to say. Zhou Yi said, “I’m not asking for glory. I just want to live a stable life. Lord Lu, take these tea leaves back.”

Lieutenant Lu waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, Old Zhou, I’m giving you this Biluochun as a gift. We’ll be colleagues in the future. If anything happens, I’ll need Old Zhou’s help!”

“Then it would be rude to refuse.” Zhou Yi smiled and said, “Lord Lu, please wait a moment. Let’s taste this famous tea today!”

“Stop calling me lord. We’re about the same age. Just call me Old Lu.”

“Haha, Old Lu!”

A moment later. The strong smell of tea wafted, intoxicating.

Zhou Yi usually drank tea and chanted sutras when he was free. After more than twenty years, he had already mastered the superior tea ceremony.

In a few hundred years, Zhou Yi would become an elegant scholar who was proficient in zither, chess, calligraphy, wine, and tea. Only the path of poetry could not be forced without talent.

A few days later.

There were many people who came to his house or came to the Sky Prison to promise all kinds of benefits. In the worst case, he would become generals and be conferred titles. Zhou Yi rejected them one by one.

In the eyes of those big shots, such an action was arrogant! Hence, they sent experts over the wall at night to teach him a lesson. In the end, they all fled with swollen faces.

Zhou Yi only revealed his body-refinement technique. After being nourished by his True Essence and Dharmic powers, he had already reached the limit of organ-refinement. If he went one step further, he would be able to cleanse his marrow.

The Marrow Cleansing realm had the power to split an army! Especially in the Divine Capital, once there was a small-scale war, Marrow Cleansing experts were even rarer.

After the news spread, more people came to rope him in. Until Zhou Yi ruthlessly crippled a few flies and sent out a message.

“I don’t want glory or power. I’d rather die in prison!”

Only then did things calm down.

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