Into The Kaleidoscope

Into The Kaleidoscope

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A man dies. A homunculus awakens.
And a choice is made.
What will you do with your new life in the multiverse when all you ever wanted was ripped away from you moments before your ultimate victory? What path will you walk in an infinite reality?
Come along for the journey and find out for yourself.


A Fate Multicross fic.

MC will be magic focused but there will be tech implants and spaceships later.

Worlds include :

1. Game Of Thrones
2. Arifureta
3. DC (CW version)
4. Campione
5. Magi
6. Minecraft
7. Supernatural
8. Mushoku Tensei
9. Fate Stay Night
10. Ben 10
11. Hunter X Hunter
12. SCP Foundation

Among many others.


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