My Captain

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – I like Excitement

Yan An stood on the grass, the corners of her lips raised as Shan Yi helped her equip her with safety equipment.

While Shan Yi helped her, she discovered his body was considerably thicker compared to those fragile men.

Thick, she discovered that the word now had much more meaning.

The man is almost a head taller than her, and she is not by any means considered short. He is at least 185 cm tall, and with his broad shoulders, and pronounced muscular outlines in his arms, his body seems to contain a sense of wild nature.

She recalled Ah Man’s words earlier from now: If you want to get laid, it depends on the other person if they are capable or not. If the other person isn’t capable at all, then it’s just no fun.

Yan An: Then what is the best way to know if they are capable?

Ah Man: First, you have to examine their physical strength. The second is the physique. Third, the fingers, and lastly, the nose[TL/N: Nose?].

Oh, and all of these are all based on my past experiences. 

The man in front of her is actively engaged in this intense sport, so the first two requirements are undoubtedly top-notch.

She then began to focus her attention on his hands, or more specifically, his fingers.

Yan An: Isn’t your argument about the length of men’s fingers a little strange?

Ah Man: It might sound strange, but if his middle finger is long enough, then things will get real fun.


Yan An begins to feel her lifetime worth of impure thoughts is working overtime.

As Shan Yi firmly pulled the zipper on his hand, Yan An’s body began to lean in his direction.

He glanced at the absent-minded woman who was practically close to salivating and noticed her cheeks just now were red.

He felt that it was a little funny. It’s not like he had never dealt with these types of aggressive women abroad. They all have hinted at subtle invitations or slipped him their phone numbers along with a condom.

Those who are aggressive don’t blush and act shy.

But despite how much she acts frivolously, it appears she has a pure heart in the end.

But in reality, Yan An’s thumping heart isn’t as pure as Shan Yi envisioned it to be. Her mind is full of explicit scenarios and visions unsuitable for children that she didn’t dare act out.

After all, Ah Man was right. She is indeed a cowardly woman.

Shan Yi noted as he buckled the last AB button on her, “Every instructor has their own distinct practices. For me, you just need to memorize a few key safety moves, such as both feet off the ground before exiting the cabin and staying put at all other times.”

Yan An: “Both of my feet have to be off the ground?”

Shan Yi: “You need to bend your feet and not step on the cabin door. I will be the one carrying you, as I am the one who is in control.”

It’s not like Shan Yi hasn’t brought anyone with him before. One time a man went pale and had second thoughts the instant he stepped outside the plane’s cabin. The man stomped on the cabin’s door in desperation, and after an ensuing struggle, the man didn’t jump in the end, resulting in a waste of time and resources for both parties.

He added: “It’s for the best if you’re fully aware of your limits and endurance. Don’t go all the way up and in the end cry your way down just for a post for your group of friends.”

Yan An smiled: “My endurance capacity isn’t comparable to your average woman.”

Shan Yi thought she was uttering nonsense and didn’t lift a brow at her words. He then gazed up towards the sky: “If there aren’t any issues, then just go.”

Yan An immediately declared: “But there IS an issue!”

Her eyes were brilliantly shining, “May I know your name?”

“I thought that if something were to happen to me, then I at least deserve to know the name of the hands I died to, right?”

Shan Yi, who seemingly found this Chinese girl incredibly amusing, looked at her quietly with his lips curled, before eventually stating: “Name is Shan Yi.”

He then smiled disapprovingly: “But in my entire career, I never had an accident.”

Yan An recited the man’s name quietly.

These four words[TL/N: Raws are ‘没有意外’], ‘No accidents.’, are not something her senior captain with the longest flying experience back in her aviation academy would even dare to utter.

This man’s confident tone and eagle-like spirit are so incredibly captivating.

Yan An could see that this man can be quite difficult to capture.

So, this is the man called ‘Shan Yi.’

Inside the hangar, a Fixed-wing Kodiak 100, with a single-engine 4-blade propeller, and front three-point landing gear is currently parked there. [1]

Yan An scrutinized the plane and commented: “This fellow looks awesome to the core.”

Within the roar of the plane engines, Yan An’s remark attracted a hanging look from Shan Yi.

Inside the cabin.

The person in a seat opposite Yan An happened to be Flix[2], the curly-haired Spanish foreigner who taught her safety lessons earlier, along with a blond woman.

Flix greeted Yan An warmly; He has taken quite the liking towards her.

Most of the Chinese girls he met were reserved, and while some had hotter temperaments, he had never once met a girl like Yan An before.

Cheerful, outspoken, confident, beautiful, and full of courage, while at the same time not aggressive or pretentious.

He knew the meaning of a Chinese word called Língqì (灵气)[3], and to him, the Chinese girl known as Yan An is filled with Língqì.

Meanwhile, Yan An looked toward Shan Yi with sparkling eyes, all of her little thoughts and feelings from her heart seemingly displayed on her face. Flix found it to be a pretty amusing sight.

Flix deliberately teased her: “If you changed your mind and wish to change instructors, it’s still not too late.”

Yan An: “No, no, I still have to hand this over to the hands of my fellow countrymen.”

Flix laughed and conveyed to Shan Yi in Spanish: “This girl of yours is simply too interesting.”

Shan Yi smiled and didn’t say anything. He then turned his gaze towards the window behind him.

At this time, a ray of blazing sunlight from the midsummer sun outside dipped on the other half of Shan Yi’s body, as if splitting his body into halves of light and darkness.

Yan An couldn’t understand what Flix said to Shan Yi just now, and she unknowingly turned to look at the person beside her.

Under the half of the shadow, Shan Yi’s eyes are as dark as ink, seemingly like a bottomless lake. The corners of his mouth are flatly pursed, revealing a sense of alienation from strangers.

Under half of the sunlight, Shan Yi was shrouded in sunlight. When Yan An turned her head, she saw the ray of sunlight reflected in the other side’s eyes, which was as brilliant as a fire.

Yan An felt her heart skip a beat.

The cabin was cramped, and such an excellent man sat next to her. With his striking face, long legs, and a seductive and abstinent feel, she felt this spring is abundantly good.

The plane was grounded high in the sky, and the loud sound of the engine pierced through everyone’s eardrums.     

At this moment, Shan Yi elicited a faint smile while the intense light glared from the window. Yan An heard his voice: “May we enjoy this 12,000 feet of the sky.”

Like a swan wing taking off, Yan An’s blood quickly started to boil.

At this time, the cabin door opened, and the low air pressure at the high altitude instantly rushed into the cabin.

Yan An’s hair bounced wildly as the cold air collided with her face.

Not long after, the first scream slowly faded away into the thin clouds.

Flix stood up with the blond beauty and walked towards the cabin door. He then put his fingers against his temple and made a cool gesture toward Shan Yi and Yan An, and declared: “Go enjoy yourselves. I will see you guys soon on the ground!” Then cooly leaped down.

Yan An then gazed at Shan Yi with a feverish expression and requested with a smile: “Hey handsome, my life is now in your hands. So how about you leave me with your number in return?”

Shan Yi silently listened to her words. He then put strength in his hands and lifted her to his lap, then focused on doing the safety straps for both of them. There is almost no distance between the two of them.

They were the last group of people in the cabin. Shan Yi questioned as he led her up: “Do you want it to be more exciting or tame?”

Yan An came here to seek excitement in the first place. She raised her eyebrows and blurted without thinking deeply: “I want it to be more exciting.”

“Very well.”

Yan An then followed the instructions carefully. She bent her legs and shifted her weight on the man behind her. When the two were about to exit the cabin, she heard a whisper by her ear, “If you don’t vomit before landing, I will give you my number.”

She felt her earlobes tingle, then followed by a momentary centrifugal force that wrapped her up instantly.

Free falling from a height of 10,000 feet, and the blood of her entire body rushing to her head, Yan An wanted to scream out loud!

 Shan Yi seized her flailing body in the air and put her body under the inertia of the sky to experience the extreme g-force.

 Shan Yi clamped his legs between Yan An’s legs and glanced at the rapidly dropping numbers on his watch several times as they fell in the air. Finally, at the critical point of height safe enough to parachute, without hesitation, he forcefully pulled open the parachute bag. 

With a violent pull, the impact suddenly diminished. 

Yan An looked like she went through all of heaven and the earth during the fall.

While they were drifting in the air, Yan An let her eyes wander to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea beneath her and couldn’t help but cry: That was amazing!

Yan An turned her head and shouted to Shan Yi: “That’s it?”

Shan Yi curled his lips: “We’re just getting started!”

He pulled the control rope hard, and the yellow parachute began to quickly spin in the air.

Five minutes later, Shan Yi controlled the parachute and landed on the ground smoothly. When Yan An landed, her ankles were wobbly, and her butt soon fell straight to the ground.

The lawn was soft, and Flix walked toward the two holding a large parachute. Looking at Yan An who still hadn’t returned to her senses, he laughed: “How did things go? It looks like Sam’s skills are notoriously stable as always.”


Yan An had a stupid smile.

Shan Yi untied the safety buckles of the two of them and looked at Yan An slumped on the ground. 

But in a rare moment, Shan Yi held out his hand for her. Perhaps he thought Yan An could no longer stand up at the time.

Yan An tilted her head and grinned at the man in front of her while slouching on the ground.

Shan Yi still stretched out his hand. Looking at the unresponsive woman on the ground, he raised his eyebrows.

Yan An: “I don’t know if you are as stable as they say, but your technique is definitely the best!”

After saying this, she grasped Shan Yi’s hand and stood up with grace, unlike how Shan Yi imagined.

Yan An raised a smile and spoke triumphantly: “Thank you, I think I’m completely in love with this intense sport. Now, may I have your number?”

Yan An has occupied first place in the school’s swivel chair for many years. Whether it is plane rotation or three-dimensional rotation, she never once changed her expression when she comes down from the top.

But Yan An recalled that when she stood in front of the hatch, everything on the ground appeared to be as small as ants, and when Shan Yi leaped, it was the first time she had experienced the joy of flipping.

The extreme sense of weightlessness and the surreal feeling of the impact of the airflow in the air is another different kind of “flight”

At this point, Shan Yi has to admit that he agrees with Flix’s words a little; the woman in front of him is indeed more interesting than ordinary people.

Just now was an extreme and surreal experience even for Shan Yi standards. Even if he is skydiving on weekdays, he will rarely have this kind of extreme experience. Let alone being asked to accompany the person to heaven if something goes wrong in a lighthearted manner, Shan Yi believed ordinary people would have quickly vomited when he opened the parachute in a few circles in free fall.

He glanced at Yan An, who looked at him with a smug smile on her face.

The sun glowed brilliantly in the sky. Her face was rosy due to the sun, her eyes were amazingly bright, and the pores over her body seemingly radiated youthful energy and vitality.

He smiled suddenly: This bold little brat.

He casually stated a string of numbers. Looking at the other person’s unmoved expression, he stated: “I also enjoy skydiving. If you have the money, then go ahead and make another appointment.”

He lifted the parachute with one hand and turned his cool, tall back towards the scorching summer sun.

Yan An, who was quickly reciting the string of numbers just now, shouted at his receding back: “If I skydive again, then are you going to take me with you again?”

Shan Yi didn’t look back and casually waved his hand behind him as if to convey: Little Brat, we will meet again soon.

Flix on the side kindly helped Yan An remove to remove the safety harness and added: “Sam is not a permanent instructor of the base. Today, the boss caught him and asked him to cover him twice. But I can take you in his place if you want to jump again.”

Yan An questioned: “Then I will never see him again?”

Flix laughed: “Then it depends on your fate. Don’t you guys have a Chinese saying that goes…” He thought about it for a bit.

“We are destined to meet again in thousands of miles.”

Ah Man: Did something happen and hinder your way?

Yan An: What do you mean by something hindered my way?

Ah Man: It’s nine o’clock in the evening on your side, right? You still haven’t hooked up with that top rate.

There are numerous bars around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter[4]. Yan An, who specifically came here, was walking on La Rambla street while looking at the map and returning text messages.

Yan An: Yeah, I didn’t hook up with that top rate.

The two jokingly chatted about forbidden 18+ topics. When Yan An entered a bar, Ah Man replied: It depends on whether you want to sleep around all the time or once a while.

Yan An felt that the verb “want to sleep” had become an adjective for that man.

A man that you wish to sleep with.

Like these luxury goods displayed in the shop windows on Thanksgiving Avenue, everyone wants to own one, but in the end, they can only just wish for it and admire it from afar. After all, not everyone can afford it.

When Ah Man heard this description, she immediately became happy: In the end, Isn’t it your fault here? No matter how expensive the luxury item is, if you truly want it, it’s just a matter of gritting your teeth.

Yan An shrugged and grinned at Ah Man’s words.

She put away her phone and took a seat in the bar. After ordering something casually, she lifted her chin to gaze at the pairs of handsome men around her.

The London Bar, as a Gay Bar, the name stays true to the situation of its country. On the big night, she suddenly wanted to drink a glass of wine. So she chose this place, where it was safe.

Only men are the prey here, and she is only responsible for quietly enjoying the hunting process.

Yan An held a delicate glass of cocktail in her hand and sipped on a piece of pineapple.

She thought to herself while looking at handsome men, six hours in, and that top-rate man of hers still hadn’t accepted her friend request. And going by her memory, it’s doubtful she incorrectly memorized the numbers.

When she casually turned her eyes, Yan An was left speechless.

Oh shit! She instantly realized.

Yan An: Damn! It turns out the top rate is actually gay!

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