Returning to Before Husband’s Castration

Returning to Before Husband’s Castration


12 Chapters Ongoing Status
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In the lonely and deceitful Forbidden City, the court lady and the eunuch are married as a couple, which is called a pair of food.

Wei Caiwei married a dead eunuch for revenge. The husband and wife first married and then fell in love. They experienced all kinds of ups and downs in the court. They were always in love with each other and never left. Eventually, the dead eunuch became Dongchangchang Gong, and his power was in the hands. She had revenge, and she was able to retreat in a rare accomplishment and end well.

Wei Caiwei knew that the dead eunuch was soft-hearted, and his biggest regret in life was not being able to give her a child. When she woke up, she was born again to the age of seventeen, which counts as a life. The dead eunuch wielded a knife from the palace in this year.

She decided to prevent him from coming from the palace: I will avenge my grievances by myself, so you can keep it for yourself.

She found him, but found that the dead eunuch had beautified his teenage years too much. He’d claimed to be a hero and a jade tree in the wind. It was the dream of a girl in the city, but in fact he was a shameless, unlearned dude and a girl in the city. Nightmare.

It turned out that the dead eunuch had lied to her for a lifetime!

After learning the truth, Wei Caiwei suddenly had two thoughts: cut it off, hurry up! And, can he still rescue it?

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