The Three-Year-Old Is the Administrator’s Daughter

The Three-Year-Old Is the Administrator’s Daughter

세 살 아기는 관리자네 딸이랍니다

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In the beginning, the administrator of the World Law said this, “It’s a pitiful and tiny world.”

There were also times when the entire human race held their breath at such a ferocious and arrogant declaration.

But now…

[The Administrator of the World Law declares!] [system_papa] Congratulations
[system_papa] My daughter’s birthday
[system_papa] Worship her, you morons

Ah-Yoon put her hand on her forehead with her small maple-leaf-like hand.

Mom, no matter how I see it, I think I’ve caught a spoon that’s too amazing…


In a hunter world where various awakens and transcendent run wild,
‘…I possessed a three-year-old’

After I contacted the Administrator using the original knowledge, the Administrator suddenly starts acting like a father, and if I left him alone, he will destroy the world, and when I rescued the original male lead from the unhappy smooth sailing,

“Don’t throw me away.”
Just like a puppy in the rain, he starts to follow only me.

“My baby princess is popular too. Come here to go home.”

To make matters worse, a transcendent who claims to be my guardian won’t even let my feet touch the ground, however…

My life, is it really flowing properly?

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